3-20-18 by dave

A high cloud deck filtered the morning Sun making for a quasi sunny morning. You could see your shadow and the details were easy to see. Mineral Basin was offering amazing carpets of AHHHH, and the Lewis and Clark explorations were empty and rockin’ for the first hour. On the front of the hill, the Cat Crew did a great job of freshening the smooth lines they put up yesterday. I had to lap that Peruvian side of the hill to get the big steep drops that were so perfectly prepared. The Sun did come out full force later in the day, but it did not do too much damage to the pack, leaving the goods smooth and silky well into the late afternoon. Regulator was also sporting some incredible velvety smoothness that kept me doing laps there as I wrapped up the day to get all I could before the next cycle begins. Here is a shot of the trees flocked with the Essence! Tomorrow, look for more smooth cruising on still silky smooth machine worked lines. We will have to see how the sky looks, but the real weather is still a day away. All the off trail lines are still holding soft snow on all aspects, but don’t push your luck on those due South exposures. I am still working out my site issues, so stay tuned. I will try and back load the photos would have put up when I get it fixed. Stay Tuned!!

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