3-19-18 by dave

The conditions were amazing wall to wall, and stayed great all day long. Cool morning temps. kept the Sun from morphing the new snow, leaving all the leftovers as good as ever. All the closed areas opened in turn, offering quality that is picture perfect. Powder Paradise, Bookends,and Sunday Cliffs began the morning festivities. I opted to work the Lewis and Clark lines that were being generally ignored. The front of the hill was offering excellent lines, with Lower Primrose Path getting the first of the season grooming call. I had to work that numerous times while it was still smooth and silky. The Road to Provo was opened as well, offering more of the same exquisite cold smoke that got worked over in minutes. It did not really matter what line you hit today, as the conditions were soft and picture perfect wall to wall. I even hit a line I have been bypassing all season, finding it, now, smooth and well covered after this cycle. The Exotic Trees were a feature that opened lastly, and it was smooth, deep, and wide open all the way to the top of the Baby Thunder Chair. Tomorrow, look for more soft snow, especially on the High North aspects, killer groomers top to bottom, and, I am willing to bet, a fresh buff on the lower Primrose Path. There are so many good lines now it is just a matter of how ambitious you are, however, great lines are close at hand and you do not have to go far to find the goods. I am still having problems with the visual media, but I am back piling the photos and will start adding them to the mix when I get it up again. IBBY!!

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