3-18-18 by dave

More freshness fell overnight, and it was snowing for most of the day off and on. The Faithful were in full attendance for the festivities and they were not disappointed, with plenty of soft deep snow to explore wall to wall. Areas opened as the mitigation work was completed, but I avoided the push for the first tracks and went looking around to get a better feel for how the hill has changed with all the new Essence. The Junior Freeride Comp was being held on Silverfox and it was interesting watching the kids throw down some amazing lines. Though the harbor chop began to develop, it was easy to work through with a long round approach, so as to not get worked by the rapid variations. The snow did remain soft and blastable, and it stayed good to go top to bottom. Here is a bit of whimsicality in honor of the Irish. Tomorrow, look for a sunny day, with cool morning temps. The Groomers will offer the perfect carpets to explore your inner Ligety. There are still a couple of areas that are still waiting in the wings, so keep an eye out for some additional openings. The hill is in great shape wherever you go, so get after it and go to the places you may have not yet visited. There are a few areas I will be getting out to now that the cover is ample. I am still having issues posting photos, but I will get it worked out soon. See you there for the morning fun fest. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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