3-21-18 by dave

Light snow was falling on the hill this morning and the clouds were hanging low, making the visibility a tad flat. There was a half inch of Essence covering the dance floor wall to wall. I started out the day by hitting the Peruvian Gulch to get as much of the untracked corduroy as possible. That half inch offered and extra helping of soft and it was silent running top to bottom. Out in Mineral Basin, visibility was tricky up high, but as you dropped in elevation it became much better and it was like a private resort back there. Here is a shot of the Sun and clearing skies moving slowly in our direction. The skies cleared off and it became a blue bird day with great snow everywhere you looked. I stopped in to The Summit and checked out a Slab O ZZah, with Elizabeth serving up the goods, and good they are!! Traffic was light all day and back to back Trams were easy and fast to make. As the Sun was warming the air, some of the aspects began to become manky and the lower elevations started to feel sticky, but the consistency was good so it really did not matter. Here are two of my most favorite people, who I ran into while at The Summit. It is so fun to run into folks who I have not seen in a long time. Tomorrow, look for a stormy day with precipitation settling in for the next couple of days. The hill is remarkably smooth overall, and only the most heavily traveled lines are hosting interference patterns. Thank you to the team at Mystic Media for working under the hood of the site so I can post photos again. Thanks guys. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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