3-22-18 by dave

It was a very soggy morning as I pulled into the parking lot. The Morning Crew was on deck and suiting up for the First Tram to see first hand how the hill was sliding. The top third of the hill was offering a soft grauple surface that felt very nice underfoot.
Lower down on the hill, that consistency suddenly morphed to a very sticky feeling pack that required some walking to get to the next steep pitch. The lower third of the hill was becoming quite granular and felt downright Spring like, though it was really raining and saturating most outerwear. The Crew hit the Forklift Chair after that Tram to assess the options of the day. Reports from the high elevations after an hour or so signaled continued accumulation of grauple with smooth consistency holding up. Staying with the Little Cloud Chair was the ticket, with Gad 2 offering a good alternative, however, it did get a big manky on the lower section of that lift as well. Here is a shot I took yesterday as the clouds moved off briefly around Noon. Tomorrow, look for more variable weather, but there does look like there might be a bit of clearing. Look for the Groomers to be offering the best consistency. We will just have to wait and see how the off trail shakes out. Still, I will be there for the First Tram and the Morning Crew will bring it whatever we find. Speed Safely!!

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