3-05-13 by dave

As anticipated, the Groomers were going off in a big way, and the cognoscenti were hailing the Cat Crew as true bringers of perfection.   Mineral Basin was also prepared for fun, but a feathered turn was needed to avoid punching through the surface,  but that always goes with significant  accumulation that gets worked.  No problem though, and the fun zone was easy to dial in.   High South winds were pounding and the plumes from the high peaks were telling the tale of the approaching system that is lined up to make this week a great one.   The Temps were much warmer than yesterday, which let you dress a bit lighter.  Interference patterns continue to build on the high traffic areas, but there is plenty of smooth to find on the fringes.   There was excellent buffage on the Big Smooth that had everyone talking and going for it run after run as the traffic just shaved off the dust adding to the velvet cushion.  I just love it when that happens and it gets better  and better each run. That is sort of a reverse of a powder day when one or two runs is all you get.  With this you get as much as you can dial in.  MMMMMM Gooood!!!  Tomorrow, look for the wind to continue to nuke ahead of the front, a nice morning with warm temps, more ultra buff for those who like to rip the fine line, and perhaps some nice transported product to smooth some of the rumble.   Here is a shot taken by my buddy Jake, who captured the wind carrying the goods to the new sections.  Look to those lines for the goods off trail.   I am still nursing the wing,-2 and thanks to all 0f you who have sent messages to me.  I will be back soon, even if it is just to drive in the breakdown lane to get a look at the real deal.   Stay Frosty!!!

4 Responses to “PRE STORM WIND”

  1. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    Hey, Dave–get better for spring season (for whatever it’s going to be this year…). Glad it wasn’t worse–or 2010!

  2. Chris Thiel says:

    hey dude….get better…best winter for surf in so cal in ten years…

  3. Oliver S. says:

    Hey Dave – get better – I am sure you will – I will watch this form Germany 😉

  4. Sumgi Nemjo says:

    See u at your book signing at The Forklift this Thursday

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