3-06-13 by dave

I made it up to the post morning Forklift debrief, where the entire crew was crowing about the high winds filling in the High North as it pounded the hill out of the South.   The light was variable, with cloud cover moving in and out, making the details vague from time to time.  The Big Smooth was once again prepared extra wide and it looked so good that I was salivating looking up at it with my wing still in a sling.  The High North shots filled in continually as the transported snow filled in the tracks as fast as you could ski it, and that is the coveted condition that is like an untracked powder run all day long.  Mineral Basin closed due to the wind, but the front side of the hill was the place to be.   The front is moving in very soon, and is looming dark on the horizon as I look out from the Trailer.  Tomorrow, look for the smooth to be a feature underneath the fresh accumulation on the High North, South and West aspects will be crunchy underneath the fresh, and a return to winter after this short taste of Spring.  We have a lot of season left to go, and I will be back on the hill ASAP to, at least drive around and check the developments.  Don’t forget the book signing for Snowbird Secrets at the Forklift at 4:00PM.  Jackson is in town with the SKI MAGAZINE test crew, so stop by and say HI.   Here is a shot I took the other day of the wind worked boundary areas with the Moon just hanging in the blue.   See you at the Forklift.   IBBY!!DSC01343

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  1. Randy says:

    Get your carcass healed so I can see your shine!!

  2. Deborah says:

    Ouch!! Hope you feel better soon and can be back on the mountain! See you tomorrow at the forklift for the signing! Way to be diligent and keep those reports coming!

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