2-16-18 by dave

It was a picture perfect morning, with clear cold skies, fresh Essence waiting in the wings, and perfect carpets on all sides of the hill. Traffic was heavy starting early and working the chairs got around the crowd. Mineral Basin was just amazing, with bright Sun, and perfect powder on all aspects. Lewis and Clark was the sleeper area, as everyone was focused on the Mineral Chair and the open lines went begging. Here is a shot of Mikey M. getting the goods on The Keyhole while the crowd was busy elsewhere. With the blue bird day and perfect snow, this had to be one all time day. While the day warmed up, it did not make the snow manky, and power blasting was easy and smooth. I was sticking to the know smooth lines to avoid interference patterns, as the bottom was becoming more in play as the hill got worked. Still, there was plenty of great soft snow to find. Here is a shot of The Little Cloud area which is waiting in the wings. Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill. The Road to Provo awaits and the groomers will be shredtastic. The traverses have improved markedly, and I did take a little “look see”, that found good access where it had been iffy until just recently. It is nice to have the hill back to it’s old self. Everything is good to go, enjoy the much improved conditions. Stay Frosty!

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