2-15-18 by dave

With just a dusting on The Trailer this morning, I did not think there would much accumulation with this installment. Today’s surprise accumulation was some of the very deepest Essence of the season, and the quality was blower on all sides of the hill. The wind was working the peak and it was snowing heavily as the day began, which seemed to keep the pack filling with wind transported snow. The bottom was fully in play, but there were some areas that had deep enough accumulation to make the bottom no problem. The interference patterns were very tricky as it was very hard to see the transitions in the very marginal visibility. I went and scouted out a few lines I had only thought about due to the tough approach, but today it was all good to go and full face shots were coming with each turn. The Faithful were in full attendance for the occasion, but there were plenty of chair options to get you up the hill in a hurry. Here is a shot of Buzzy Skigrinn, who pulled into the Forklift caked with the face shot evidence. As the day progressed, the consistency became a bit variable, with the crispy bottom layer becoming more of a factor. I was using long averaging turns to minimize the variations. Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, cold morning temps. and plenty of fresh Essence waiting in the wings. The traverses have been getting much more approachable, but care still needs to be used. I will be looking for the smooth lines that make the variations much easier to negotiate. Those remaining areas will be opening as mitigation efforts are completed. Look for the traffic to be heavy again, so work those chair options to keep you moving up. See the line, BE the line!!

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