Peace Out

1-23-09 by dave

Now that we have spent the last couple of weeks properly sanding and polishing the work surface ,thank you everybody you did a great job,we now apply the Spackle coat or primer coat if you prefer.  remembering the lines from before, we begin the serious trowel work which is required.  now no one said this would necessarily be easy.  the first 5 runs were very smooth and spreadable  but as the hard work went on the dreaded harbor chop rose up to challenge the most intrepid finisher.  for myself, i left the mop up operations to the ones with younger knees .  continued application of the next frosty layer should give us some rather buoyant material to work with.  overall shots are still pretty smooth but still popular access will have some variable substrate . watch out.  that fin under macaroni…. still there!!!  see you tomorrow.   peace out .

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