Keeping Fingers Crossed

1-23-09 by dave

I am certainly glad i got to enjoy the top down days of the past week cuz the high has popped like a zit.  Way is now open for some more of the kind.   Today started early with overcast and warm conditions..  Got some early trams and it was like butter,   perfectly carvable and polished by the wind on the main runs.  north facing still holding strong though the popular spots did get out and picked up some increased traffic so some of the bumps started to develope, but it held up much longer than i thought it would.   And just in the nicotine  the new cycle moves in.    Rained a bit too just before we got a 15 minute flurry which dusted the landscpe and made it quite velvety.  Visability was in and out with a couple of sucker holes just to keep it ineresting.   When the top got socked in it was time to head for the home 10-20.   Remember, most aspects stayed smooth so additional snow won’t cover any real nastiness.  Remember the reefs.  Steer clear.    This warm heavy snow ought to stick,  keeping fingers crossed.  Still this is where the big waves of the ski world break so not to worry.   Might be bouncing off the bottom a bit but you can handle it .   later.

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