The Wind Was Working Its Magic

1-21-09 by dave

Just as I had suspected the morning was crusty on the warmed surfaces and the north was still rippin.  many voices calling for new snow but the wind was working it’s magic and filling in the lea side and it was goood!!!!   south ex exposures did not soften as much due to the wind.  other northern aspects still holding their own due to the light traffic.   Tomorrow shoud be great again.   during these days i try to slow down a bit when i go off trail and try and dig into the turns for more umph.   the shots i have been mining are still solid and ignored and the dust is delightful.  let the wind do it’s thing overnight and it will be good to go in the morning.   first tram ,for me, is always best.  I have no idea what conditions will be like till i get there so it is no use trying to predict it .  some thing you got to go to know.   don’t forget to sizzle.

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