Blast Your Way Through

1-24-09 by dave

Saturday is my day off from skiing.  I slept in, at least as long as the critters let me,  walked out to get the paper and looked up at the canyon ..   Rain on the roof,   very warm,  looks total milk bottle socked in.   Good,  more Spackle, another coat just to add a little cushion.   You can bet it was stiff and grabby.   Called around a bit and was told what i knew, that it was a real training day.  Training days are good.  It is always good to practice your IFR skills.  Fortunately I have done my time and can forgo the exercise ,although one does feel like super person when you finally get some vis.   See,  a silver lining and everything.   Raining heavily off and on all evening  so that means more of good stuff for tomorrow.   Time to bring out the heavy artilery.  I will have to dig that pair out of the back of the locker, but they have been neglected back there and have been patiently waiting their turn.  Be careful but carry sufficient speed to power blast your way through grabbiness.  good to go !!!

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