12-30-17 by dave

The skies were overcast with a stout wind hitting the peak this morning, making the visibility a tad challenging. The smooth groomed runs helped the issue with good consistency that made the details easy to negotiate. Both sides of the hill are well covered on the prepared lines, with only a few spot where some pebbles have been kicked up into the mat. There is plenty of traction, especially if you look to the sides of the trails, but firm conditions persist and a solid approach is needed to keep things real. Here is a shot of The Chairman Of The Board considering the beta being introduced at the morning Forklift recon. His wisdom is invaluable going back out on the hill. Tomorrow, look for clearing skies with colder temps as a cold front passes through overnight. Conditions will continue to be firm, but look for the corduroy to offer smooth lines for the morning session. I will be looking for those deposits of Gun Powder for the soft goodness that lies there. The off trail sections on the Peruvian Gulch remain variable, with interference patterns well established on the heavily traveled lines. Still, there are areas to explore and a few pockets of soft snow. I will be staying close to the prepared lines till we get more snow after getting a look around. See you there for the morning session and the fast laps. IBBY!!

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