12-29-17 by dave

A bonus 8:45AM Tram left the dock on the dot and I was left gaping as I had dawdled for first Tram, DOH!! No worries as the morning corduroy was on tap and offering a smooth carvey texture top to bottom on both sides of the hill. I was working the terrain features on the Peruvian side of the hill, taking advantage of all those rolling sections that let you work the high angles on each turn. With the light morning traffic, getting the most out of the fresh carpets was a real treat. Gad 2 was offering some very nice lines, with lower Bassakwards feeling particularly carvelicious top to bottom. I just love those freshly tilled man made sections that feel like perfect wind slab. The Snow Making Crew and the Cat Crew have done an outstanding job keeping the hill covered on the prepared sections and making solid traction a nice feature when you go for the high edge angle. As the day progressed the middle sections got a bit scraped off, but the sides were holding the dry chalk that let you keep the pace real and under control. Tomorrow, look for more morning corduroy to be worth getting there early to get. Both sides of the hill are very workable, but I have been favoring the Peruvian side to take advantage of the terrain variations. Weather is in the forecast, but there is not much in the way of precipitation expected. Dress for weather and wind, with flat light happening with the overcast skies. Traffic will be a bit heavier, but the chair access makes motoring around the hill fast and fun. See you Sunday after I take a day off. Peace Out!!

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