12-31-17 by dave

Lingering clouds hung high over the peak as they exited to the East. Sun was coming fast, but the first couple of hours offered flat light and a stout wind to get the New Years party started. Here is a shot of Chris who was leading the charge of festivities from the word GO!! A fresh machine till was the highlight of the morning session, with good traction top to bottom on both sides of the hill. With the variable morning light, I was keeping a close eye out for changes on the transitions. Consistency was good and staying with the prepared lines was the call. Regulator was offering smooth wide open lines, with some of the granular deposits offering some very nice moments of silky goodness. You got to love those gems when you come upon them. Here is a great shot of a first day, first tram crew, who were stoked to be getting a birds eye view of the path down from the Tram. I was able to point out the obvious path off the top, which was the important first step to getting a good start to the day. I know they will be back to get the deep goods when the big cycle hits. As the day progressed, the sides of the trails were offering the deposits that let you dial in the needed turns to keep it real. Tomorrow, look for another great morning of top to bottom, back to back laps. Nice corduroy will be offered on both sides of the hill, and I anticipated fairly light traffic. Perhaps the Sun will be shining from the start and we can get that reflected light from Superior to illuminate the details in those sections that are obscure before the Sun gets up higher. See you there for the early lines and hard hitting laps that are perfect for pre dump conditioning. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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