1-01-18 by dave

The morning was clear and still as the first Tram hit the peak. Both sides of the hill were offering re worked lines top to bottom, with the Snow Guns having produced some exquisite lines of fresh Gun Powder. I was drawn to dial it down and dig deep into those special morning gems to extract as much juice from each turn as possible. With the Sun still low in the AM. sky, the details were a bit tough to suss out, but the reflected light from the faces across the Canyon made the details easier to discern. Light traffic made the entire morning session back to back and good to go. Here is a shot of the Great Salt Lake taken from the peak with the max telephoto I could pull in. As the day progressed the dust began to move to the edges, where I started mining the soft piles to keep things real and dialed back for the unexpected. Most off trail sections have developed some well defined interference patterns, but the cadence seems to be fairly wide open and easy to move in, but be aware of thinness in the troughs. Tomorrow, look for more great machine worked lines and fresh Gun Powder to dial in. Traffic will continue to be light, letting you rack up the max vertical hour by hour. Both side of the hill are offering nice lines top to bottom, it just takes a bit of thought to maximize the quality under foot. I will be dressing for a fairly mild morning, but will be dawning goggles to negotiate the Gun wash while I dial in the silky goods. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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