1-02-18 by dave

Traffic was very light all morning long, leaving the accumulated Gun Powder untrammeled for a number of runs as folks seemed to be drawn wide away from the fresh lines. Tram after Tram I was able to dial in smooth silky feeling turns on the untracked sections. The Cat Crew, once again, did a fine job re working the mat, and there was plenty of traction to keep the turns moving with intent. While the light was a bit flat before the Sun began to get higher in the sky, the consistency made the guess work more realistic. Here is a shot of Spencer and the control ship parked on the peak. It is like being a kid any time you can get up close and personal to one of these craft. The day warmed up a bit, but it remained cold enough for the Snow Making efforts to continue all day long. Dialing in those deeper lines felt good well after Noon. I stopped in to the Summit at Hidden Peak to get a piece of Pizza and enjoy the ambience. Here is a shot of Elizabeth who makes the best Pizza anywhere. Folks ask me where they can get the Pizza I post from time to time on the page and the Summit is where it can be obtained. They have the real deal pizza oven that just pushes the flavor quotient over the top. Tomorrow, look for another fast morning session of training runs that will help you dial in that elusive gray area that will prepare you for the rock solid feel of a locked and loaded turn in the soft snow. Look for the morning Gun Powder to be found top to bottom under the guns. That man made consistency has been excellent in the cold air overnight, and feels delightful when you dial in some high edge angle. See you there for the back to back, top to bottom extravaganza. Stay Frosty!!

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