1-03-18 by dave

High clouds screened the full rays of the Sun this morning, making the light a bit flatter than the recent past. A fresh till was delivered by the Cat Crew, offering very nice traction top to bottom on both sides of the hill. While the temps were balmy on the peak, the snow guns were pumping out the goods and I was aiming for the Gun Powder whenever I saw a gun throwing long lines down hill. Since the traffic was light, I was, once again, able to put tracks next to the tracks I placed the runs before. Those sections of perfection were a bright spot on a shrouded morning. Later in the day, the Sun did break through the clouds and the details were much better defined, making a more aggressive line more workable. Here is a shot of a snow wave I took last year. There are hints that weather is coming soon. Tomorrow, look for more back to back training runs for the morning session, and I expect traffic to be light all day. Look for the Gun Powder deposits to be offering good turns when you find the soft lines. Staying far to the sides buys deeper accumulation and folks seem to ignore the obvious, so take advantage of the oversight. We will have to see if the cloud cover clears or if these clouds herald some approaching weather. “… explode into space,…”!!

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