4-01-20 by dave

Still deep in The Twilight Zone and the world is quiet wall to wall. Up on the hill, the last cycle has drawn The Faithful to the back country, to get the amazing goodness that has been piling up. My forecast of an average snow total capped off just the other day, with the help of fellow visualizers that kept the overhead face shots in MIND. Here are shots that Flyin’ Brian Beck sent of a couple of his tours.

Steve Mayer digging in deep into a turn of perfect light density Essence.
FLyin’ Brian holding the line and getting the juice out of each turn.
Savannah Beck following in her Dad’s footsteps as she dials in a fresh line in the back country.

The Winter snow is still piling up, but with that accumulation comes the real chance of avalanche. There have been over 40 human triggered slides in the past stretch of time since things ground to a halt. This should be kept fully in mind when accessing the goods. A word to the wise is sufficient.

A COSMIC sky during a COSMIC time that showed up last night. Signs in the sky.

Thanks to all the great folks who keep the Bird turning everyday during the season and make it such a special place. Thanks also to all the folks who read my posts and those I get to meet during my time on the hill. All are held in my mind’s eye as I look back on the truncated season. Be safe, be well, SPEED SAFELY!!

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