3-25-20 by dave

Amid the Twilight Zone times that have put time on hold, and changed the warp and woof of life, Nature continues as if nothing at all is going on.

Beautiful blooms reaching for the Sun way before the usual time. They make the appearance just in time for a spiritual lift as we take in these times.

Up on the hill, all is quiet and the pack is getting amazingly smooth, and there has been some significant accumulation, with more on the way. The Faithful are finding the AT touring wide open outside of the ski area, with Superior well worked over and ALTA worked over as well.

Pushing up from a Winter’s slumber this beauty is luxuriating in the brief rays of Sun.

Here at The Trailer, I have been listening to the rain on the skin patter and roar now and again as these storms move in adding more to the snow pack. The season total is just shy of 500″ and I expect tonight to push it up and over the mark. I was doing some faceshot visualizations with Putney before all this went down, and, as I told him, you better watch out what you wish for, and we got it in spades with these continued impulses. I will be talking to the horses in the corral about all my wild eyed ideas, knowing that they will just listen and nod. As it should be, they are wise. I’ll try and get some up to date shots of the hill when I can get out and about. Shine on you crazy Diamonds!!!!

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