11-25-14 by dave

There was a very light turn out for the morning session, which offered very nice groomed lines as well as some new terrain to explore after the Patrol opened the Lunch Run and pulled down some of the rope lines.  The untracked lines were buoyant and dense making the turns consistent and velvety.  The visibility was good despite the light precipitation which fluctuated between flakes and Rime Ice.  The wind picked up as the morning wore on, which put the damper on the opening of the Tram for the day.  It was great having a more relaxed feel on the open slopes, without the pressure of a big crowd.  The cover is much better  after this cycle of accumulation, which really sets up the Thanksgiving weekend.  Here is a shot of a curious burl I came across that was interesting with it’s weathered patina and curious shape. Soon features like this will be covered with snow pack, so I thought I would share this as there was not much in the way of picturesque subjects considering the visibility.  DSC00524Tomorrow, look for the Tram to open at some point, hopefully first thing.  Fresh grooming will be magic carpet smooth and silky with not even a hint of iciness.  The recent quality is offering some very nice feeling turns.  I was enjoying digging into the arc as I could trust the turn without fear of spin out.  The heavily distressed patina on my bases is a bit dodgy on very firm surfaces, so being able to dig in was a treat.  We will have to see what gets opened as we go along, so stay tuned for updates and, of course, check the Bird’s site for the official info.  See you for the first Boat in the AM.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!


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