11-26-14 by dave

Though the First Tram went up yesterday afternoon, today’s First Tram for me was a real treat.  Bright sunshine, light crowds, and smooth cruising was the high light of the day.  Here is a shot from the peak upon arriving at the peak.  DSC02304Regulator had been nicely prepared down the middle, with the sides of the main run fairly well covered and soft.  The overnight wind had transported some very nice velvet to cover the machine worked area.  Top to bottom was good to go with no thin spots, with the exception of the short Cat Track section at the very top on Regulator where there were some pebbles mixed in a bit.  No problem at all and they can easily be avoided with a bit of care. It was a real treat to stretch out and get a full non stop, top to bottom run to get the motor running.  The Groomers lower down on the hill were offering such nice consistency that I was able to make real turns that felt surgically correct.  What a great feeling to get this early in the Season.  Tomorrow, look for the Peruvian side of the hill to open for the first time.  The cover looked pretty good, with the machine worked runs fully covered and good to go.  The off trail will still be early season conditions and you need to be aware of the above and below surface conditions.  The recent snow pack is much more buoyant and dense, making the cushion factor much better.  I would still err of the side of caution.  I will be making the jump to HYPERSPACE for the next few days and I may not be able to access a SUBSPACE CHANNEL to post.  I will try to get a TRANSMISSION through.  It is going to be a great weekend with great snow and sunshine.  See you on the hill next Sunday.   Peace Out!!

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