11-29-14 by dave

There was heavy turbulence in the Quantum Foam during my sojourn to the Parallel Universe which negated any attempt to post to the site.  That is the trouble with Inter Dimensional travel.  Here is a shot taken from high orbit of the Home Planet as I was leaving to return.  It was a bumpy ride I assure you.  DSC00143On the hill the snow pack remains the same, with the Groomers offering the most consistent and reliable lines. The Peruvian Gulch is open now and that adds a whole new canvas to enjoy.    Today, the wind was ripping and the Tram was closed, so access by the chairs was the call.  Reports from my inside sources confirmed the light traffic that I had anticipated.  Off trail is still a bit tricky and will continue to be so until we get some new freshness.  That is in the forecast for next week and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for some significant accumulation.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to have a fresh buff on them and will be the place to be for the opening runs.  Look for the wind to have moved some product around, which may offer some very nice natural smooth to sample.  I will have a first hand report for tomorrow, so stay tuned for a fresh look and up to date shots of the hill.  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  IBBY!!

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