11-30-14 by dave

There was a very light turn out for the first Trams of the day, which began loading just after 8:30AM.  Here is a shot of the casual ball room dancing ambiance on my first ride.  I was caught slacking and did not make it up from the locker room in time to make the first Bucket.DSC02305   On the hill the visibility was adequate with some light snow falling and 2” of fresh frosting on the dance floor.  I found my first untracked lines of the season on the apron below the Middle Cirque where the groomers had prepared the surface and the freshness was absolutely  perfect.  Perfect is perfect even if it is only 2”.   Fast laps and light traffic made the  morning fly by.  The warmth of the past few days had set up the snow pack, so it was much firmer underneath the new snow.  There was plenty of traction with the dry chalky density that the new accumulation brought.  I still have not ventured off the beaten path, but the fat sections of the gullies looked good to go, but I am just waiting for some more snow, and to get my legs moving.  I hit the Forklift Chair for a breakfast respite, where the Coffee Goddess ECHO kept me topped off with the ellixer.  I was good to go for the afternoon session after that.  Such a   DSC02306 gracious way to go for breakfast.  Tomorrow, look for continued warmer temps with some light overnight accumulation on the fresh Groomers.  The main runs are still the place to find the most consistent lines until we get a bit more cover.  There was  cloud hanging out at the bottom of the Canyon all afternoon, which will be sure to leave a damp coating on the Canyon Road, which may cause some Black Ice in the Lower Canyon in the morning. DSC02308 Be aware of that possibility first thing as you come up.  See you there for the early morning training session.  Stay Frosty!!

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