12-01-14 by dave

It was a very light turnout for the First Boat this morning, and, as anticipated, the Grooming was set up for a very nice ride.  The Snow Guns were putting out the goods with the cold early morning temps,which gave some nice tooth to  Regulator under  the  Guns.  Chips was also delivering the smooth, though the early morning flat light kept the details dodgy.  Fast laps were on tap and you had to be consistent to make each Tram as they were running it briskly.  After breakfast, the Sun began to show up and the visibility got much better.  The conditions were perfect for establishing a smooth flow to the training runs.  It helps to focus on smoothness to maximize stamina.  Here is a shot of Mineral Basin showing some of the work being done back there to get it open.  It looks like is still needs a bit more cover to get good to go.   DSC02309Off trail, the guts are getting their share of traffic and the interference patters are beginning to build in these high traffic lines.  The cover there still looks good in the fat lines, but I am still staying on the main runs, working on the turns.  Tomorrow, look for increasing clouds as a new cycle begins to move into the area.  The Groomers will still be the best of the choices for the morning session and the consistency is really reliable over all.  Just a few pebbles in the mat on some of the high traffic Cat Track corners.  They are easy to get around with a bit of care.  Come make some fast laps in the AM. as no one is around and it is a fun fest.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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  1. Matt S says:

    Any idea if Mineral Basin will be open by next weekend?

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