11-24-14 by dave

A short delay on the opening pushed the crowd out well beyond the coral at the Zoom Chair in anticipation for the first turns of the day.  Here is a shot I took from the back looking toward the chair.  DSC02301The high capacity of this chair made short work of the back up and by the time I got back in line it was down to a 2 minute wait if that.  You have to love the high speed quads. Remember the old days?  The morning offered fresh accumulation with continued snowfall that was substantial all morning long.  The quality of the new freshness was dense but cold, making it buoyant and fluffy.  It was a pleasure to stand on the middle of the ski and get a full rebound from the consistent pack.  The stoke factor was high and the Faithful were moving out into the areas that were off to the side on the lower part of the mountain.  The sections off the Bass Highway in the Wilbre area were opened up as well, however, there was still a fair amount of shrubbery to negotiate.   Tomorrow, look for a weak disturbance to move through, bringing a few additional inches for the morning session.   I still do not know if the Tram will be offered for tomorrow’s festivities, we will just have to wait and see.  You can expect an excellent quality to the Grooming treatment for the morning runs, as this snow will work in nicely.  Perfect corduroy is just another kind of perfect after all and who can argue with perfect.  Be there early for the best turns of the day and dress for the weather.  I was glad I added that extra layer this morning.  See you for the morning session.  Stay Frosty!!

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