5-24-19 by dave

This last installment set the stage for a great day on the hill, and a solid push over the 700″ mark, with The Bird site reporting 711″ year to date. There was an early and large push for the goods, as the stoke is still high for the season and The faithful had turned out in large numbers. Here is a shot that Neil took from the top of The Chickadee
Chutes of the The Faithful lined up for the fresh frosting.

A very large turnout of The Faithful for today’s offerings.

The chair opening was delayed about an hour, and it was fun sharing the stoke with the folks who were anxious to get up the hill. Here is a shot of Malissa, who was trying to get to the goods, but had to bail due to the delay to get to work on time.

Malissa dialed in and ready for the fresh frosting and stoked to be there for the high energy morning.

When I got to the goods, I was not far behind in the line, so I got to dial in some righteous turns in the very dense, but surfable product. There were plenty of lines on the steep sections that let you keep the momentum going and float in the bottomless coating. Here is a shot of Tommi McCarthy getting in deep and dialing in perfect turns like she always does.

This is a very accurate image of how amazing the new product was skiing this morning. Tommi is in her element and taking advantage of the freshness.

The Mineral Basin opened around 11:15 AM, but I was firmly planted on the Forklift Chair, luxuriating in the ambience after one stellar line top to bottom. Tomorrow, look for the Tram to be open for service to the Peak….. I hope. With the very dense product today, expect the pack to be a tad tricky if the last couple of weeks is any indication. The Groomers should be excellent and feel much like Winter quality for the morning session. Dress for cool temps, but I think we might get a break in the weather, and maybe we’ll see some Sun. I will be taking the day off as usual, so get the goods for me. See you Sunday. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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