5-23-19 by dave

It has been raining all week here at The Trailer and it is seriously dumping as I write this. You got to know that it is snowing up on the hill as it is most certainly cold enough. The Bird’s site is reporting 700″ tonight with 7″ new in the last 24 hours. All this adds up to an interesting set up for this weekend which is still looking like it will have some interesting weather variations. We’ll have to see if they open the Tram for tomorrow’s festivities, as “ooops”

The Bird site is saying it will open on the 25th. Be sure to dress for weather and you can expect some fresh frosting covering the hill for the morning session.

This is a shot of SAMSKI, who was at Steamboat a couple of week ago, using her her Snowbird expertise and just giving a wink and a nod to the sign. She will be on deck for the weekend’s festivities with her Dad Mike and she is going to rip it!! The total on the site today confirms my prediction that I laid down back in the first of December. Nailed it!! See you there for the morning explorations. IBBY!!

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