5-09-10 by dave

This is the last day of the regular season and a beautiful day it was to be sure.  With light winds and warm temps. the spring skiers were out in force to take advantage of the great skiing still going on.  The base depth still has not fallen off, so all of the best shots are still full and entrances good to go.  Mineral was perfect for first Tram with the rest of the Mountain beginning to break at 10:30 AM.. BY 1:00 PM. the sticky spots began to become problematic toward the bottom of the hill, so I was calling it a day to avoid an injury.  Music was happening on the Deck for all the participants to enjoy.  Big snow is forecast for the week, but no lifts to get to it… oh well.  We will have to wait for next week end to get it back.  I will be rejoining my unit back in HYPER SPACE in the ongoing DARK MATTER WAR, so I will be thinking cool thoughts in the mean time.  Peace Out,!!!

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  1. kurt schneider says:

    Dave I am new to your blog and enjoy your comments immensely. What is the Dark Matter War and should i be concerned?

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