6-17-10 by dave

The Galactic War continues unabated as the SUN FIGHTERS wage deep incursions into the EVENT HORIZON, masking subtle assaults on the unsuspecting forces, who’s arrogance and petulance leave them dazed by BLINDING LIGHT.  In more Earth bound matters, the perpetrators of the invasive site infection have been dug out, re establishing the integrity of this site for all those who seek the inside story.   The Bird will be open again this Sat. and Sun. , but are strongly recommeding that  you ride the Tram back down due to the serious melt off on the lower mountain.  The cool  temps. this week has kept the upper elevation snow pack holding strong for this weekend.  Last week end the conditions were good to go from the first 8:00 AM. Tram, offering very nice carve-ability on the Groomed sections.  The off trail is quite sun cupped, but becomes approachable as the day warms up.  The feel is like slow motion with the heavy saturated granular requiring a deliberate approach.  Use caution on the high traverses that skirt the rock bands as they have melted out and might not support passage.  Last week I fell through one of those spots, falling in, and narrowly remained standing.  Great weather and the Brew Fest will make the week end a great wrap up to a great season.  Thanks to all of you who have supported my meanderings and I hope to add much more content and some surprises for next season.  Have a great summer and I will be thinking of you as I head back into the EVENT HORIZON.   IBBY!!!

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