6-19-10 by dave

Low overnight temps and rain during the week consolidated the snow pack making Saturday morning quite crusty for the first Tram crowd, who had to work hard to get an edge on the sun cupped surface of Regulator.  The Road to Provo is now a Back Country access, with the Cat track out to Mark Malu very tricky, though well covered.  The snow pack in general is excellent on the upper mountain offering a wide variety of terrain choices.  The Sun began to soften the East facing aspects that saw the first rays, so they were the place to head to avoid the frozen nature of the due West facing.   With a 40 Degree peak temperature and brisk winds Regulator was going to be breaking around 11:00 AM. Tomorrow, look for continued excellent skiing and good cover up high, but check the morning and overnight temps for timing.  Skiing to the bottom is not recommended with the last 1000′ dodgy on both sides of the hill.  There are threads of cover here and there, but it will require several ski removals to transit the melted off areas.  The best option is to hike back to the peak and ride the Boat back down.  I will be there for first Tram in the AM to get the last of he lift service skiing of the season.  See you there!! Ciao!!

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