6-20-10 by dave

Saturday’s traffic had naturally smoothed the traffic lanes improving the ride in many areas.  Again the cold overnight temps.  put the heavy freeze on Regulator, which did not even begin to break until  after 11:00 AM, after which it became the next place to be after Little Cloud had gotten too soft.  The Road to Provo was, again,  rasty in the early morning hours requiring extreme deceleration techniques to keep the speed down, as one caught edge would send you flying off the edge, and that would not be good.   The Sun had lightly softened the first exposed shots providing perfect corn descents with very little traffic.  As the morning progressed the faithful were getting after it to celebrate Father’s Day as well as the  Last Day of the Ski Season for this year.  I had a great time, but took the Tram down to be sure I got my last order of Power Spuds at the Forklift,  AKA The Planetary Office, before the breakfast window closed.  I have my priorities well established and today was no exception.  On the Plaza Deck the Father’s day festivities were well under way with a great BBQ buffet and a great Blues Band for entertainment.  For my self, I will be moving through the EVENT HORIZON for continued deployment in the ongoing DARK MATTER WARS.   I will be no longer posting daily as it is difficult to get a direct link from untold light years distance, but I will filter through this year’s posts to give a BEST OF series  to let you keep the VISUALIZATIONS  going to give next season a kick in the WEATHER PATTERN.  Thanks for SKIING!!! Powers.

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