7-01-10 by dave

Hello everyone,  I am back from the far reaches of the COSMOS to be here for the 4th of July, and while the snow pack did not quite make it to the end, there is still quite a bit of cover up high if you have the temerity to go hiking for it.  I was checking out the Little Cottonwood creek the other day, and remembering  the dumps we had and getting the goodness as it fell.  I could not help reflecting that the recycling process was underway to get the moisture ready for next season.  The Creek went off big, tearing out the bridge by the Power Plant, and stacking up large trees like cord wood.  Quite a sight indeed.  Here is a shot taken last season by the POWDER SHOTS folks somewhere out in Mineral Basin.  Have a great summer and check back now and again for further updates, reflections, or BEST OF posts as I learn how to add content for next season.   Ciao!!!   Photo courtesy of POWDER SHOTS.


Blasting light wind slab

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