8-01-10 by dave

The BIRD WORLD in summer

Just a quick post from across the Cosmos to touch base.   The Summer is in full swing and the Wild Flowers are really going off on the hill.  It is a great time for a hike or just hanging out to catch the general vibe.  Here are some shots  that Jay, from POWDER SHOTS  took recently as he was hiking about.  It is interesting to view the hill sans snow to get an appreciation of what, exactly, we are skiing over.  It also occurred to me that , with the exception of the stray rock hit to the bases, we really never touch the ground.  We are suspended on that ephemeral layer that disappears as if it had never been there.  Just a thought.   I hope all is

Mineral Basin

going well with everyone and we are on the down hill side of the summer season, so the FUN ZONE is right around the corner.  Ciao!!

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