5-08-10 by dave

From near deep space I am sending this early note to the ones in search of that corn goodness ” MAZOLA”.  These warm days and cold nights set up the perfect conditions for the another kind of perfection. Again, perfect is perfect and that sweet sorbet type, billiard table smooth, rendition of perfect is now fully in play.  Hiking to Superior or the shot of your choice is the place to be on these mornings,  then you can sit on the high reaches and await the perfect consistency , contemplating all manner of being.  Follow the Sun!!  I would be there, going for the goodness of MAIZE  myself, but alas the incursion continues unabated, requiring my presence.  Sip the rarity for me as I deal sternly with the DARK MATTER.  I will be stepping back through the GATE and be in attendance Sunday.  I will post more in the PM. after the Frey!!     High clouds covered the Sun for the better part of the day holding off the full effects, pushing the softening time in Mineral Basin to 10:30 AM.  The rest of the hill softened up nicely, so a nice day was on tap for this Saturday.  Tomorrow looks to be similar with some morning clouds to hold of the softening.  I will be there tomorrow to get the last of the regular season.  See you there.  Ciao!!

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