5-07-10 by dave

As I am still far far away and OUT THERE, only the faint communication link with my deep cover source let me in on today’s festivities.  With a 14 degree overnight temp. flash freezing the hill, the warming process was delayed for quite a while, seeing Mineral Basin beginning the break at 11:00 AM.   The Peruvian side had been tenderized to give the attendants a bit of tooth to get an edge set.  In the after noon the softening began to occur, but did not become sloppy as is usually the case.  Tonight will, again, be quite cold,so another crispy morning is most probable.  The tenderizing efforts are quite ski-able first off, offering fast laps for the early risers.  There will be  a few more folks for the week end, though I don’t think it will back up.  There will be music on the Plaza, so stick around for that.  I am still deeply involved in the PLANETARY DEFENSE efforts that continue with frenetic urgency.  I am hoping to be steeping back through the GATE for Sunday.

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