5-06-10 by dave

In the wee hours of the morning I quietly idled the green truck out of the drive way , only engaging the Hyper Drive Modulator when I was fully clear of the neighborhood.  The second in a new series of incursions by DARK ENERGY, has infiltrating this sector of the galaxy, necessitated a gathering of Commanders to deal with stern resolve this very close call.  Meanwhile, on the mountain, clouds hung low as well as the temps promising little hope of any significant softening of the flash frozen product.  Fog, wind, brief glimpses of Sunlight, and careful descents were the rule for today, with some of my deep cover sources claiming that this was the most arduous day of the year. Tomorrow may bring some relief to the situation, but be sure to check the weather for an idea of the possibilities.  I have been unable to break free of the altercation that rages in near DEEP SPACE, where the SUN FIGHTERS continue to reflect the DARK ENERGY back on itself…  We will have to see if this strategy holds the key to victory.  This truncated report can only reflect the immediacy of the conflict.  Hold the pole for the SUN FIGHTERS.  Peace OUT!!

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