1-29-16 by dave

The storm that is on it’s way was a bit slow to arrive, leaving an entire morning session bathed in beautiful Sunshine.  There was a stiff breeze blowing, and out in Mineral Basin smooth wind lines were filling in and were offering some fantastically smooth off trail fun.   DSC03488 No one was after these lines so they were all for the taking if you kept after it.  There had been a trace of precipitation overnight, which had been piled up in areas by the wind.  These areas of fluff were a lot of fun on the perfectly prepared Groomed lines that were available on all sides of the hill.  Once again, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were given another stellar treatment, and the overnight fluff that laid in the bottom of the gut felt ultra silky and transcendent for those first few runs.  Very light traffic for today’s offering left the lifts walk on available, and the vertical was piling up fast.  Around 1:00PM the clouds moved in with light precipitation beginning to fall.  Conditions continued to be fun, but the details went away and you just had to trust the smooth when dialing in the lines.  Tomorrow, look for weather to have been working the hill overnight.  It will be a storm day for sure, so dress for the conditions and check the road report for restrictions in the AM.  The hill is in great shape wall to wall, and all lines will be good to go with new accumulation covering the dance floor.  Remember those due South faces did get a bit crunchy with the Sun playing on them, so they may be a tad tricky with cover. DSC03489 I skied from one end of the resort to the other with this lovely lady who was skiing from the Heart and getting every bit of juice from every turn she made.  The big steep lines were her favorite and she dialed them in with full effect.  See you Sunday after my day off. Straight Ahead!!

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  1. chris Thiel says:

    Brother Dave. Notice every day that the big old toad is getting fatter with every storm. Gonna be skiable this year. perhaps you and me will make the first move. Saw your tracks in exoctica the other day you dog. Had to settle for sloppy seconds.

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