1-28-16 by dave

Hard work by the Cat Crew made Shredtastic lines happen on all sided of the hill this morning.  Mineral Basin was bathed in bright Sun, with nice fresh corduroy to dial in dead accurate arcs on every turn.  This was the type of day you could lay it down like Ligety and really feel the Gs.  On the front of the hill,  that Anderson’s Hill- Lower Primrose Path line had been prepared once again, that kept me hitting that smoking line for the rest of the morning until the Forklift Break.  Regulator was offering fast and smooth lines wall to wall, with the lower lines in Gad Valley offering excellent carpets of Hydro Velvet as well.  Off trail, the crud is still holding up, though it is setting up in places.  Those due South aspects continue to be worked by the direct Sun and are deteriorating in quality.  The High North and shaded West aspects are holding the cold snow that remains soft and blastable. DSC03487 Here is a shot of Lower Primrose in the late afternoon Sun looking as smooth and carvelicious as you could wish.  Traffic was very light, and back to back Trams were easy to make with a consistent pace.  At Noon, I went into the Summit at Hidden Peak and spoke with George and Fred, who are responsible for the cutting edge format of the new facility.  I will be  getting some more shots of the different stations tomorrow.  DSC03482Tomorrow, look for all the usual lines to be re dressed for the morning session.  Clouds look to be part of the mix as a new system moves in for the next few days.  We might even see some precipitation during the day.  Dress for weather, and remember the old stand by lines to be sure of a smooth relaxed ride. DSC03485 As a parting shot I offer this shot of my friends, who have been part of my life for these past 40 years.  It is so great to still share the Mountain in just the same way we did when we were kids, but then this hill keeps you forever young.  Speed Safely!!!


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