1-30-16 by dave

All of the storm signals were going off full on this morning, with a closed road, heavy precipitation, and a pent up stoke that was hard to contain.  Up on the hill, overnight accumulation was cushioning the already softer conditions that we have been enjoying this last week.  Most of the well defined interference patterns have been mitigated for the most part and are not really presenting much of an issue for smooth arcing lines.  I saw lots of posts on the fine quality that was being enjoyed.  Here is a shot of Mr. Brian Beck getting the goods today.  This is great FullSizeRender-4evidence of a full effect turn.   Tomorrow, look for a bit more accumulation on the hill, areas that were not open today will be waiting in the wings, and a hill that is ready for a big line if you dial it in.  With all this snow, it reminds me of years in the far distant past.  Here is a  shot of some activity that has been etched in my memory.  This is also a subject lesson on obeying the signs.  Thiel 6-14-12_00166Pictured here is my friend Chris, who was part of a very ambitious crew of back country visionaries, who went places no one else was even thinking about.  This next shot is evidence of these visions, where he and the crew were out getting the big lines off Toad Hill long before there was a lift accessing Mineral Basin. Note how fat this pitch is during that year so long ago.  Thiel 6-14-12_00047 They were busy as you can see.  Now, we get to access this terrain all before breakfast.   We all used to drool about the possibilities of a lift back there and now we have it and so much more.  See you for the early morning fun zone!!   Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

3 Responses to “STORM SIGNALS”

  1. thiel says:

    Not the upper part without a hike. And a long and steep one as well. Anyone that has ever surfed Fullers along the Big Sur Coast will know what I am talking about. Dave buddy we will run into each other soon and I will turn my son over to you for a couple of runs. Busy…hmmm…yeah…no question about that…

  2. Robert Moyer says:

    I could not but help the car by the entry 2 sign on top of all that snow!
    What happened to the car to get into that precarious position? Thank you

  3. thiel says:

    It parked where it should not have and got nailed by an avalanche. Please dont feed the lizard.

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