1-31-16 by dave

The storm moved off overnight leaving clear skies and cold temps.  The faithful were in full attendance at the opening bell, having heard the Powder call.  Up on the hill, the cold temps. preserved the quality of the fresh Essence that was still waiting in the wings.  When the rope line dropped there was a huge push for the goods and it did not take long for Mineral Basin to get worked.  The same event happened with the Road to Provo, but despite the push, there was plenty of incredibly light fluffulescene to give everyone  the goods.  I opted for some more obscure lines to keep away from the push, where I found very nice thigh deep lines that were absolutely perfect. DSC03490  I stopped in to the Forklift Chair to consider the options and was greeted by these two beautiful smiling faces who wanted to know all about the morning session.  The Forklift Chair never disappoints.  Tomorrow, look for some residual accumulation as a storm skirts by to the South, but I think some swing back impulses could be happening as they come back from the East.  I will be looking for smooth lines on the Groomers, but, with all this new snow, they have been feeling a bit punchable if you stick your edge too hard at any one point in the turn.  It is better to smooth the pressure and stay on top.  Interference patterns are building up again as the traffic has been high in the usual lines, but the soft snow cushions the variations and there is a good cadence to the spacing.  There is still plenty to find all over the hill, and any line you choose will offer very good snow wall to wall.  Even the far out lines are holding the goods if you are willing to look for the pockets. See you there for the opening bell.  Dress for another cold morning and overcast skies.  IBBY!!

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  1. Shred Flanders says:

    Amazing day – we were truly worshipping in the church of treezus Christ of Powder day saints.

  2. Carole Livingston says:

    I too can be a blast from the past! If it snows too much to go down the canyon you can stay with me.


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