1-04-15 by dave

High clouds hung high over the peak this morning, making the light a bit flat, but, with the nicely prepared Groomers, that detail was no issue.  Storming the front side of the hill was a treat with the low traffic, smooth Hydro Velvet, and wind buffed lines.  Sun made a brief appearance out in Mineral Basin where the wind had piled up 7 or 8” of light fluff on the long East facing knoll that offered a smooth soft surprise for the morning session.  The Lewis and Clark expedition and Gad 2 lines were still fast and easy to access with little to no pressure from some of the crews from out of town.  The big North facing wind buff is still holding up the smooth steep lines that demand full attention, but reward with carpet smooth turns top to bottom.  Be sure to look for those lines when you ride up the lifts and get an eye on your line.  Conditions still continue to firm up, but some of the old stiff crud is morphing into some very smooth wind buff after all this wind we have had.  You will have to go survey the out lying areas to see what is up for yourself.   Here is a shot of Leopard Man as he was heading out to prowl the hill and blend into the environment. It is a very stealthly approach to skiing.  DSC02394Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the smooth and consistent lines, low traffic, smooth High North wind buff and a ground pounding full fast session.  Look for additional wind buff if there is more wind overnight.  It is a real treat to get to those lines first as they feel like 40” of Zero % perfect.  Interference patterns and low amplitude rumble is still to be found, but the traffic and wind are smoothing out some of the vibration.  I will see you for the morning session, where I think the WINGS are going to make the first of the season appearance.  Speed Safely!!

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