1-05-15 by dave

It was much more relaxed on the hill today after the holiday season has come to an end.  Grey skies and flat light were making the visibility an issue, with the surface detail tough to make out.  I went with the known smooth lines that made it fun to float along, feeling the transitions with your gut.  Continued persistent wind made some of the lines off trail silky and smooth, but it was hard to tell just by looking, you had to go there to see up close and personal.  Mineral Basin was offering some very nice lines, but the wind out on the Baldy Chair made the temps feel much colder than it was.  I did not bring the WINGS out today as I am not Instrument Flight Rated, and with the flat light I felt that it was prudent to hold off.  I got a rare chance to catch Dr. Pepper and Dr. Mc Connell discussing the plan for the day.  Both of these gentlemen just arrived on the hill and were eager to get it all in.  DSC02395Tomorrow, look for the wind to have continued to work the hill, making some of the guts filled in with some soft transported goodness.  The Groomers will be offering the smooth consistency that will let you put the hammer down.  Anderson’s Hill was really special as the right side was a velvety dream walk.  I just had to go back and get more and more.  The Lutz was celebrating his 42nd Birthday today and was hauling the mail all day long.  He was sporting this very fashion forward cape to give him that extra air time.  DSC02398Here is a shot of his Lutzness so you can wish him a Happy Birthday when you see him flying by.  DSC02399Tomorrow will be fun and relaxed once again, and I will be looking for those wind lines to be making things extra buffed.  That last cycle left us with some very nice product for the wind to keep the hill in fine shape.  See for the morning session, with, perhaps, some better visibility.  Ciao!!

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