1-03-15 by dave

As anticipated, the hill was covered by a cloud deck that dipped down on the hill from time to time.  The Groomers were the place to be to avoid the lack of detail on the runs, which can be problematic when you are getting knocked around by some surly interference patterns.  Those smooth upper  mountain lines were still holding up for the morning session, and the more remote smooth lines were still holding up as they required a tricky approach.   This is the time of year to have those special shots dialed in as they seem reserved for those in the know.  Out in Mineral Basin, new lines have been machine worked, which offer some fresh terrain features that are custom made for dialing in some honkin’ Giant Slalom turns.  We finally have the snow to let the Grooming Crew get creative, so be on the lookout for the fun and fast lines.  One may think they are only Groomers, but back in the day, before there was the Chair, we used to dream about what it would be like to get to work those very lines.  Now, we can work it as much as we like and get back for more.  What a country!!  Here is a shot of some wind sculpture I took on the last Lewis and Clark sojourn.  DSC02393Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be carvacious, with ground pounding lines on those steep smooth sections.  Off trail will still be offering those smooth lines, but low amplitude rumble still is an issue for full line attacks in other areas.  The Exotic Trees will still be the place to find the last of the snow from the last cycle, but know there will be variations, however, the consistency may improve as it gets cut up and the slab gets worked back into the pack.  It is worth a look if you have not been there yet this year.  See you for the fun fest in the AM. IBBY!!!

2 Responses to “CLOUD COVER”

  1. Bill C says:

    Is the Exotic Trees a specific place?

  2. dave says:

    The Exotic Trees is the area that includes Tiger Tail and Thunder Bowl as well as the Gad 2 Trees all of which are enchanted of course. Lewis and Clark is the area surrounding the Baldy Chair, as it is always an expedition to get all the way out the the border lands. IBBY stands for ” I’ll Be Blasting You” Rock on!!

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