1-02-15 by dave

As the product gets worked by the elements it begins to set up.  This can be good in some spots and not so much in others.  I went out looking around the hill to sample a number of lines I have not been visiting.  Now, that the cover is better, it is good to motor around and see what is what.  The wind has smoothed more of the North facing aspects, and other sections are becoming a bit more challenging to negotiate the chopped up product.  It is worth some extra effort to access some of those rare lines that are calling, but getting in and getting out can make you dig deep for techniques that can deal with the variations.   Those fresh areas that have been waiting in the wings are now open, with conditions that were variable, and some aspects are offering nicely re crystalized knee deep Essence.  Other aspects were wind affected and needed some stout fall line gestures to initiate a turn.  The coverage was quite good in the far reaches, so they will be good to go when more snow falls on them.  Here is shot of the upper section out in the Exotic Trees that looks great huh?  It was very difficult to negotiate the wind slab here, and the lack of tracks evidences my taking a different aspect to avoid having to deal with the slab here.  I really tried to make a go of it high up off the traverse, but,  I was forced to back track.DSC02388Here is a shot from the same spot looking down the line to where the wind affected snow became much softer and consistent.  You can tell by the tracks that there was quite a bit more forgiveness to the pack here.  DSC02390Tomorrow, look for some overcast skies as a cloud deck is predicted to move over us.  The Groomers will be offering the fast, smooth fun for the morning session.  Those nice wind lines on the hill should still be holding the smooth for at least the morning session.  Interference patterns are building more amplitude in the high traffic areas, with the off trail crud still holding that low amplitude rumble that requires a bit more of a deliberate attack.  I will be taking the day off to rest up, so make some turns for me.  Stay Frosty!!

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