1-01-15 by dave

This morning was quite a bit warmer than recent days, which made it so much more comfortable.   Mineral Basin was offering some very nice Groomed lines and a couple new lines pushing the fall line a bit steeper. It felt like Hydro Velvet where you could do no wrong.  Other big lines had been smoothed by the wind overnight, and were just about as close as you get to natures Grooming.  Just spectacular.  There are many stellar lines out and about on the hill with just a little looking and it is all easy to see.  The Sunday Cliffs opened this morning for the first time this season, if I am not mistaken.  It was very soft and consistent, with fat lines and nice light.  Of course, it was hit quickly and tracked out, but the soft density kept the crud excellent and the rumble to a minimum.   Other freshies are still waiting in the wings.  Here is a shot of one of the delights just waiting the go sign.  This time of year you know it will still be good when it opens.  DSC02378Tomorrow, look for continued goodness on the hill.  The Groomers will be all time, with corduroy in which to lay trenches, and wind lines still holding up after today’s traffic.  Perhaps the wind will blow overnight and refresh and expand the already supportable lines.  Still some rumble exists off trail, but smooth lines are easy to find.  I think it will still be a bit brisk, so I am going to dress for cold, but I think it will warm up as it did today.  Traffic might be a bit heavier, so get there early for the best of the day.   See you for the morning fun fest.   IBBY

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