5-09-19 by dave

The sky was electric blue, the attendance was light, and the lines had been refreshed by a bit of overnight accumulation making for stunning morning goodness. Mineral Basin was offering great prepared lines, with Lone Star and White Diamonds-Lower Silver Dipper delivering ground pounding fun top to bottom. Here is a shot looking up at Lewis and Clark from a point high on the knoll.

Lewis and Clark will have to wait until next season for a return visit, but we got as close as we could.

When we had worked the Mineral Side, it was time to work the lines off The Road to Provo which had opened, but with the light traffic was still offering amazing line choices wall to wall. Some lines were deeper than others, but all were sweet and predictable. Here are two shots of Mike and Tomi Mc Carthy working the far High North aspects.

Mike McCarthy demonstrating full platform engagement out off the Road To Provo
Tomi McCarthy throwing down the first shot on this perfect late Spring line in the far reaches.

Traffic picked up as the day wore on, but there were plenty of lines to keep everyone happy. An impulse moved in around Noon, making the visibility interesting, but the quality of the snow remained excellent. Here is a shot of the Crew standing under the gates of Heaven.

A glimpse of Heaven opened up just at the perfect time .

Tomorrow, look for stellar prepared lines on all sides of the hill. We’ll have to see what kind of a freeze we get, but you will find greatness from the very first chair if you look in the usual places. A big tip of the hat to the Grooming Crew who have kept the quality high and the stoke alive. IBBY!!

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