5-10-19 by dave

It was a cold morning and I found out the hard way when I dressed for how I wanted it to be. I was drivin’ with the top down, but it was brisk to say the least. Clear skies, amazing visibility, and a Grooming Extravaganza prepared on all sides of the hill. It was so cold that the quality was going to last much longer and it was a bit easier to stay ahead of the breaks and get more vertical while you waited. Here is a shot of the Twins with a fresh coat of Essence making it look super 3D.

Twin Peaks as filled in as you’ll see it!!

In Mineral Basin, Gheen Gully and Lone Star were perfect right out of the chute and kept me lapping the variations as fast as I could. White Diamonds and Powder Dipper were an interesting variation on a theme and kept the stoke going. It really felt like mid Winter snow, especially first thing. Here is a shot of the crystals glistening in the morning Sun.

Fresh Essence first thing in the morning with crystals twinkling.

The front of the hill broke around 11AM with the Big Smooth offering top to bottom buffage that lasted for a long time. The Road To Provo and Regulator were the last to go, so chasing the Sun keeps it all going. Here is a shot that Neil sent of The Tram seemingly floating over the Cirque.

The Tram looking like it is floating in mid air.

Tomorrow, look for another amazing day of Spring skiing. We will get a freeze, so follow the Sun and keep working the aspects. It has been an amazing break sequence and you’ll get all the goods fast. Everything is fat and fun. Stay Frosty!!

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