3-24-14 by dave

It was another cool morning on the peak, as the Grooming Crew had prepared some extra special treats for the seekers.  Mineral Basin was offering some very nice corduroy, with a special fresh till on a Lewis and Clark fun fest.  That early morning freshie made that line worth lapping a couple of times.  On the front of the hill, more smooth had been prepped, and the hard drive, rock and roll, top to bottom laps were hard to pass up while Mineral Basin softened up a bit, though it was very nice just to start.  The High North still holds the cold, though a bit of rumble mars the ride, and no wind has had a chance to smooth any wind lines.  Interference Patterns are still slow to develop, but an increase in amplitude is building in the deep trees.  The Grooming Crew also prepared a special treat over off of Gad 2, with a never before treatment of the Black Forest Gully.  It was certainly tight, but it was worked all the way, and I had to get a couple of laps there before it was discovered.  Big Tip of the Hat to the Cat Crew for that bit of extra special fun.  Tomorrow, look for the morning to be a bit cool still, and Mineral Basin will be bright and sunny, but do not forget some of the big lines of dry chalky goodness on the Peruvian Gulch.  Regulator is slow to break and you will have to wait until at least Noon for the break on the right hand side.  Steer clear of those South facing aspects in the AM.  Just saying!!  Here is a shot of the lower section of the Gully that was worked for us today.  So nice and steep.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01999

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